Imagine a World without Queues

Save your regular order. Then Order and Pay with the Tap of Your Phone

SelfPOS Features

Saves Time Queuing

Reduces queueing, ordering and payments to under 10 seconds.

Increase Store Throughput

Serve more customers, quicker and with fewer staff.

Customer Loyalty

The potential to increase customer visits (loyalty) and the number of transactions.

Smaller Store Footprint

Reduce store size without decreasing throughput

Reduces workload

Freeing up staff and creating Human Resource Efficiencies.

Reward loyalty

Providing an emotional link between customers and brands, making them feel “part of the club”.

See SelfPOS in Action

With the tap of a phone, your customers can order, pay via their preferred mobile wallet, and receive loyalty rewards.

Retail Industries

SelfPOS is working with retailers across a variety of sectors providing solutions to customer service times. Whatever your industry, we can help you reduce your customers’ frustration from waiting.

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